If you don’t have hearing aids yourself you can’t imagine how wonderful the top of the line hearing aids are.  They are expensive but I would do it all over again if I had to.  There just isn’t any comparison to my old hearing aids.

I can now wear my hearing aids out in the wind, with no whistle sound, talking on the phone, without having to take them out and struggle with hearing, no adjusting volume, when in a crowded room or at the show house.  I can wear my hats to keep my ears warm without the whistle and also my ATV helmet.  Where I go they go and it is a whole different world.  The sounds are clearer and I am not struggling to hear certain voices.  I put them in my ears first thing in the morning and actually forget that they are in.  It is awesome to be able to hear my little grandkids talking and everyone else also.  The service is wonderful and you are both the best ever.

Thank you for selling me these hearing aids.  Words can’t really say how much I love them.

Norma O.