Jozef E. Hearing Aid Testimonial

“I am very pleased with my hearing aids. It has made my hearing better and I can understand with them.” Jozef E

Nina D. Hearing Aid Testimonial

“I love my hearing aids because I can hear when I am in church, talking on the phone and when people, including my great grandchildren talk to me, I can hear them.  It makes me happier.” Nina D.

Fred N. Hearing Aid Testimonial

“I have stopped using the word “Huh” when I am addressed.  My wife and I can carry on a conversation without raising our voices.” Fred N.

Barton W. M. Hearing Aid Testimonial

To Whom It may concern:  I’d like to tell you how pleased I am with my purchase of the Audibel Anthem Gold Digital Hearing Aids.  I realized how much I was missing out on with my loss.  After I got the hearing aids, a whole new world opened up for me, I could now hear […]

Bill S. Hearing Aid Testimonial

I was a person who did not believe I needed hearing aids and if I had them they would work no better than a sound amplifier.  I was persuaded by a friend who has hearing aids and was tired of me asking him to “say again” to make an appointment with Audibel Hearing Center’s Devin […]

Norma O. Hearing Aid Testimonial

If you don’t have hearing aids yourself you can’t imagine how wonderful the top of the line hearing aids are.  They are expensive but I would do it all over again if I had to.  There just isn’t any comparison to my old hearing aids. I can now wear my hearing aids out in the […]

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